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Well, hello there.

So, hi. *waves* I hate that I've been neglecting my LJ because even though I haven't posted in forever, I still consider this my online home base if that makes any sense. The only reason I haven't posted is because most of the time I haven't felt like I actually had anything to say.

But I really miss posting here regularly, so I'll try to get back into it.

Since I last posted here I have:

- gone back to Disney World (and it was flawless)
- nearly finished at my community college and will be transferring to a four-year school soon
- become an expert at taking the bus

The strange thing is, it wasn't just LJ I neglected. I have a whole Book List ready and waiting for me, five or six people I need to get back into contact with and 20+ songs on an iTunes Wishlist that I have the money (in gift cards) to buy but for some inexplicable reason I just...haven't. I've always been a procrastinator but this is ridiculous. LOL.

This is my longwinded way of saying: hey, I'm back!

P.S. - Thank you so much to everyone who did not defriend me while I was incommunicado. Also, I see that LJ made some changes while I was gone. Hm.