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I feel like I'm much sadder about Cory Monteith than I should be, considering that I never met him. He's been on my mind all day.

Happy days are here again

So, this has been a pretty awesome week so far. Today we started finals and my first one was Psych, which means I'm officially done with that class, my ignorant teacher and my equally ignorant classmates in there. Automatic smile-maker. Tomorrow is the end of Pottery and then the half-days start on Monday. They posted the seating arrangements for graduation...I don't know, I knew we were graduating, but now it seems a lot more real and I'm so excited.

Other than that - I got to go see Glee Live yesterday evening! :D I have a lot to say about that and I was out late afterwards, then had to get up and take a final this morning so I'm a little tired. So, more on that later. Just wanted to drop a line about that.

Hope everyone is good. <3 Talk to you later.

TV talk from last week

So, I've been trying to make this post for a couple of days now, but school and real life are cutting into my internet time. I had to do this one really time-consuming project (more on that later, ugh) but I'm done with it now, so, about last week's shows...

OTH from last week! Don't read if you missed itCollapse )

Life Unexpected! Don't read if you didn't seeCollapse )

I missed SPN. Anyone wanna fill me in?Collapse )

Well, that went long. Sorry, guys! I hope everyone is good. <3 Talk to you later.

Welcome back, gleeks

I want to talk later about OTH and LU (because there was some serious what? going on in both, LOL) but first, Glee's season two premiere! :D What did everyone think? Overall, I loved it. <3 So glad to have it back.

Glee 2. 01! :) Don't click if you missed itCollapse )

I'm excited for next week's ep. Will probably post tomorrow or Friday about OTH and LU because, again, there was so 'huh?' moments in both shows. I love that almost everything is back, though! Hurry up, Friday!


Is it Tuesday yet?

Less than 24 hours to Glee, guys! :)

 I'm so excited! I wanted to have a mini-marathon in celebration of the new season, but I ended up spending some time with my cousin this evening (more on that later) and we didn't get home in time. So I made a list thinking I'd end up with three or four episodes tops...no. LOL I ended up with twelve, which is impossible unless I stay home from school (not happening, sadly).

Oh, well. New season tomorrow! :D


Premieres and all that great stuff

I actually meant to say something about OTH and Life Unexpected earlier this week, but now I finally have the time to blab as much as I want to, so... here we go! :D I missed my shows.

OTH! Don't click if you didn't see 8. 01Collapse )

Life Unexpected! Don't read if you didn't see 2. 01Collapse )

Glee comes back in two days! :D I'm so excited! I'll have three shows on Tuesday this year (Glee, OTH, Biggest Loser). Yikes. And then SPN is on Friday! Best only good thing about being back in school. I love television.

Ready, set, go


Sooo, we're officially on for Chicago this Sunday. I wasn't expecting that. I mean, I knew we obviously had to do it before I go back to jail back to school, but I'd been under the impression it was going to be Monday. :/ The 29th is the Emmys and MJ's 52nd birthday. The only reason that's a problem is because, like I've said before, I'm a homebody. So, tbqh, I assumed I wouldn't be doing anything on the 29th. I was going to either hang out here all day and wait for the Emmys or try to go to NYC for that party Spike Lee is throwing for MJ's birthday. Since it seems that won't be happening, I'll need to record the Emmys and try to catch the party next year. (Note: I said the same thing last year. LOL)

...But at least I'm going. Sometimes spontaneity is a good thing. And this will force me to go ahead and make my twitter early, so I can keep up with the Emmy results. I'll probably never tweet, but I want to have some people's tweets sent to my phone, so. What do I have to lose, right? :)

Let's just hope my camera stops acting up enough for me to actually take pictures. (Seriously, though? It's fine for three whole years and then it messes up weeks before my first trip?)

I just noticed something! I set up this account exactly a year ago today. :D I'll probably get back before Sunday, but if I don't, everyone take care. <3


A couple of different things

I can be really klutzy sometimes. I mean, I'm not a walking hazard to myself and others or anything, but I can't lie, I have tripped over my own feet a couple of times. Like, for example, a couple minutes ago. LOL I was on my way downstairs in my too-long-for-my-short-self sweatpants and the bottom of the pants ended up under my feet. So I started to slide/fall down the stairs, but then in a sad attempt to not do a faceplant at the bottom of the stairs, I grabbed the railing next to me. It worked for the most part, but I now have a nice purple bruise appearing on my arm. Note to self: buy shorter pants.

Anyway! Yesterday was pretty cool. Happy belated birthday, President Obama! Rush Limbaugh continues to be an a-hole. Happy forty-ninth. :D

Also *drumroll* a judge in California ruled Prop 8 unconstitutional! I understand why people would find one judge having the power to do that a little scary (democracy, I know) but...it really was. It just wasn't right. And it's a shame that it took nearly two years for that to happen. The ruling, to me, feels like a victory for equality. So, four for you, Mr. California Judge. LOL Does that mean that same-sex couples can get married there again, or are there more legalities that need to happen first? If anyone knows, I'm curious.

And now it's August. :/ Say it with me: nooooooo. I can't believe summer has gone by so quickly. School's right around the corner. Bleh. And I still haven't read (or bought!) my summer reading book. Does anyone know a book called The Alchemist? Because that's what I have to read, but there are several books with that title, and my school never said which one. *grumble, grumble* I keep putting off back to school shopping.

In a way, I'm ready for September to come around (mostly because my shows come back. LOL), but at the same time, I'm not.  And I do really want to just get high school over with. That sounds bad, I think, because people are always saying how much they enjoyed high school and...that just hasn't been my experience. I am looking forward to the class trip, though, but that's not until March.

Well, I should probably go. I'm sitting here with Glee paused (Theatricality, if you were wondering) and I'm supposed to be going to lunch (Olive Garden! Yay!) in about an hour. Hope everyone's good. <3


Fun day :D

Today was semi-productive, I think. LOL But probably only according to my warped idea of productive. At least in the summer time. My mom and I had to go to a couple doctor's appointments, but we ended up in the mall. I love the mall. <3 Anyway, we went to a store we don't exaclty frequent, to return something and I wandered away and found a clearance rack of dresses. I love dresses, but I already have a dress I found, needed to have taken in a still have yet to actually do it.I wasn't really on the prowl. Anyway, I stumbled onto this adorable dress. Showed it to my mom, who insisted I try it on. After that, I was doomed. LOL Because I loved it, ngl, but that store's prices are crazy high and I'm just not into spending that much on clothes. *sigh* We put it on hold, but I'd like to wait for the price to drop a little more. IDK, maybe I'm being ridiculous. It had already been marked down twice.

Oh, highlight of my day: we went to Borders. :D I love bookstores so much. Went in search of the Totally Unofficial Guide to Glee. We went, we saw, we purchased. I love it already. I got these magnets for my locker (yes, more Glee. Haha.). I'm not a locker decorating person normally, but I can toss a few Glee magnets in there. They were only a dollar and something. I still have to get my summer reading book. *cringe*

I really want to see Wicked on Broadway (and Rent, eventually). The thing is, I 'discover' B-way musicals through the songs first and then find out later what they're from. Like "For Good", I first heard that on Nightline, and "Seasons of Love" I heard in a Gilmore Girls video on youtube. Backwards, but it works for me. LOL Anyway, I've heard enough about those two that I'd like to see them. I've always enjoyed musicals, though.
I'm feeling much less 'grrrr' than in my last post. :) But, bookstores typically have that effect on me. Haha. Automatic mood lift. Hope everyone is well. <3