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I'll be watching the Emmys this year :D

So, intead of forgetting the Emmys even exist and not watching them, I have...I dunno 19 good reasons to watch this year! 19 nominations for Glee! OMG, that's amazing. I'm so excited for them. The cast of that show seems like such a family - and a pretty cool one at that - and they deserve them. Go Glee cast and crew! Wish I had an appropriate .gif

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series - Lea Michele
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series - Chris Colfer
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comdey Series - Jane Lynch

*whistles* That and 16 more. I love that they got all those noms, but I'm especially excited for the three above (oh, and Mike O'Malley!) but especially, especially Chris! His tweet was so sweet, as was Lea's.

Anyway, that's probably enough squee. LOL I'll just leave this here...


Happy 4th :D

Happy 234th, America! Sitting here watching the fireworks finale and feeling pretty darn patriotic, I gotta admit. LOL It's weird - the fourth and the Olympics, I get all 'yay, USA!' I love the fireworks, they make me feel like a little kid every time I see them. It's the same oooh, that's awesome ever year.

Anyway, just wanted to say happy 4th. Honk your horn and wave your flag and enjoy the fireworks, fellow residents of the good ol' U.S. of A. Here's to a great 235th.


A week into summer...

My travel plans travel officially up in the air again. First we decided on either San Fransisco and Hawaii or San Fransisco or Hawaii but now it's been one or both of those (still), London, Las Vegas or somewhere in Canada. I'm up for anything but Las Vegas. Is there anything for minors to do in Vegas? IDK. I'd love to see more of Canada since I've only been there once and it was only a couple of days. London sounds awesome - it's been on my To Go list for a while. Eh, we'll figure it out.

Senior pictures for the yearbook tomorrow. Eek. Have to go the the hairdressers, which I am so not looking forward to. I'm normally in there all day, but that can't happen tomorrow because I have to be at the school around 3...hopefully all goes according to plan. Oh! And our air conditioning has decided to check out for a record three times in two weeks. We get it fixed, the guy leaves and then has to come back a couple days later. Thermostat keeps jumping from 72 to 80. In 90-something degree weather. Oy vey.

I'm kinda falling in love with Glee. Ha. It's my newest favorite. I like all of the characters (most of the time), the actors seem cool and the music can be really, really good. I'm catching up since I wasn't watching at the beginning.

Speaking of catching up... anyone else reading the Pretty Little Liars series? I stopped reading after they revealed who A was because I couldn't see where the story could go from there, but I recently read the teasers for some of the newer ones and they seemed interesting, so I picked up from where I left off. I'm on Heartless now, so I'm mostly caught up. Haven't seen the tv show, though. Probably won't, ngl.


Hurry up, summer

Today was our full day of school - tomorrow starts the last four, all half-days, but all finals as well. Ugh. Well, still, four days to freedom. :D I'm really excited for this summer, it already seems like it'll be a busy one, but in a good way. I know for sure that I'm taking my first trip via airplane sometime in July - probably to San Francisco and Hawaii. Guess I'll have to figure out how to put pictures on here, cause I plan to take about a billion.

I love summer. *sigh* I don't like the heat but I guess I like the freeness of the two-month window of no school. Ha, me and pretty much every other high schooler, right? I always get to read more in the summer and it just seems like a perfect season to me. Swimming, staying up late, beach trips and all kinds of awesomeness I'm forgetting right now. Can't wait for it to hurry up and get here. 

Still, I have a final in the morning, so I'll get off and go to bed now before I'm up until two or three. I'm already in summer-mode. :)


Oil ridiculousness, and tv talk

So, I've been meaning to post about a couple of things for a while - well, lots of things, really - but most of them are escaping me now. LOL The things I can remember, though -

This oil spill crap is ridiculous. 50 days and no solution? Something's wrong with that. The fact that the people in charge apparently knew enough to become the people in charge but don't know enough to come up with a viable solution is just...IDEK. Anyway, this is bad and probably on it's way to becoming a whole lot worse with time. The effect that this is already having on the animals is so sad. I saw a clip the other day of some hermit crabs who can only live in water trying to get out of the water and away from the oil. So, so sad. :(  I mean, great, they're getting some of it, but they need to get all of it - and quick. Hugs to the people of the Gulf.

On the tv front, the CW moved OTH and SPN to different nights. As far as OTH I kinda feel like, whatever, a pickup is a pickup. Not so much with SPN... This may be just because I'm used to Thursday = Supernatural, but ummm, I hate this idea. First of all it feels like they gave us the deathslot. Friday night? Really? I'm not busy on Fridays or anything, it just seems like an odd move to make. Oh! Jensen is directing next season! :D I know he has an interest in the directing aspect of television, so it's nice that he'll get to do that with a crew he knows and a show he stars on. Good for him. Can't wait to see what he's gonna come up with.

Sigh of relief :)

I'm not sure if any of my U.S. flisties had to take the HSPA? I don't know how old/new it is, but anyway, you don't graduate high school if you don't pass it (yikes) and if you do fail you have to take an extra class the following year on the same material and pass to graduate. Either way, you fail, you get no diploma, even if you've had As since day one of freshman year.

They hype this test up so much, and I get why, but that makes it kind of nerve-wracking to actually take it. It's two subjects, english and math spread over a couple days. So I took it a couple months ago and have been pretty much worried since I handed it in. I've mentioned before that I'm bad at math.

But, no, really, I suck at math. Wasn't worried about the english, but I was beyond worried about the math. I honestly didn't know how it was gonna work out.

...I passed! OMG, I'm so relieved. Yay! Best news ever! :D I saw that as the only thing standing between me and graduation and it had me really, really nervous about senior year so I'm just soooo relieved. I've been walking around with a grin on my face since I heard. Just in time for a three day weekend. BTW, happy Memorial Day, bbs!


Cuteness, sickness and more tv blab

Sooo, Janet cut her hair really short for her next project (another film w/ Tyler Perry) and she is rocking it! Very fierce. I love it on her - the change was good and it was pretty drastic, but again? It is fierce. Once I find a pic on google I'll bring some pictorial evidence of the aforementioned fierceness. (I keep repeating it, 'cause it's the only word I can think of to describe it. LOL) Or, you know, when I remember how to post pics. My tech-savvy brain is in vacation. Oh! Speaking of pics, there was an official J/D wedding pic in this week's People. Cute!

In much less fierce news, The Bronchitis That Would Not Die has made a comeback - in May. Seriously? Who gets bronchitis in May? Immune system, I am unimpressed. It really does suck, because it's aggravated by my asthma. I've been blowing my nose so hard my side has started to hurt and I have a constant headache. Then there's the fact that I'm pretty much incapable of swallowing pills. They just refuse to go - they get stuck...it's inpleasant. Right in time for us to start studying for finals. So I have tissues everywhere, my throat is sore and everything is achy - even though I haven't done anything. Bleh.

And Lost is ending tonight! Sitting here watching the finale, even though I haven't watched since the pilot. LOL I'm already lost (no pun intened), but I hope the people that do know what's going on are satisfied by the way everything goes. I still can't believe it's airing worldwide simultaneously. I have a feeling this finale will be record-breaking.

Bye bye for now. Hope everyone's week is good.


Finale ramble: part deux

And you are not alone in thisCollapse )
Basically, I think the show should return to its roots since it seems likely that will be the last season. I wanted to talk a little more about SPN's finale as well (especially because of that Jensen interview that just came out) but this post kind of took on a life of it's own. Maybe on Thursday.

Countdown to the end of the school year starts next week! I am a happy girl. Bye until later. :)


My fingers are crossed for a pickup for OTH.  Did anyone else hear that nonsense about a mid-season pickup for SPN? No, thanks, CW. Think again. And pick up OTH while you're at it. Smallville has been declining for years and you give it a 10th, but won't say about OTH? Still trying to wrap my mind around the SPN finale (LOL).

School is winding down and the weather is beautiful right now. Last night, not so much. It actually hailed - it was nuts. Nothing exciting ever happens here, weather-wise (or otherwise, when I think about it) but this year we've had several feet of snow at the same time and then really hot weather and then hail. Hmm.

I've been on a fabric hunt for a couple weekends now - I wanna make my own french memo board. This is one of my occasional crafty stages. Can't seem to find anyone who sells fabric, which is a little dumb. What if someone had an emergency fabric need?

Guess that's it for now, talk to ya later. <3

Wait, what?

Okay...I don't know what to make of that.

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