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Welcome back, gleeks

I want to talk later about OTH and LU (because there was some serious what? going on in both, LOL) but first, Glee's season two premiere! :D What did everyone think? Overall, I loved it. <3 So glad to have it back.

I liked pretty much every song. ESOM was good (still haven't heard the full version, must youtube it) but some of the rapping was lulzy. Still, I liked it. Sam and Sunshine both sounded good to me. I've loved Listen since Dreamgirls came out and Billionaire was good (I'd been wondering how that would go). The only thing that I wasn't that into was Telephone. It was just...weird to me for some reason. Like, Lea and Charice's voice weren't necessarily suited to that particular song. 

 I was so glad we kind of got a moment with Kurt and Mercedes. <3 Love their friendship.

Charice was better than I thought she'd be, acting wise. I already knew of her through Oprah. And nothing against Charice, but Oprah's constant gushing got really annoying after a while, so when they said she'd be on Glee I was...less than enthusiastic. But her character seemed sweet and she didn't take me out of the show (which is what I'd been worried about). Still, I'm glad she's in VA.

What was up with Rachel, though? That crackhouse thing was messed up and mean-spirited. Fine, I get not wanting your spotlight taken away. Sending someone to a crackhouse is going really far.  :/ Also, why was she speaking to Sunshine like that even after she told her she spoke English? I like Rachel, but that wasn't cool.

Sue trying to frame Beiste using Brittany was weird. IDK about that one.

I felt bad that Finn was kicked off the team and I felt bad for Artie at the end. Finn's Cheerio audition was hilarious, though. Not sure how I feel about Quinn re-joining, but we'll see how it turns out.

- Loved the opening. LOL It was really funny. The part about Will's rapping, "controllist isn't a word", "...say what you have to say to my face!" *slushie*.
- The Sue and Schue friendship was funny while it lasted.
- The new coach seems interesting. It looks like they're actually trying to give her a personality and some layers, which never really happened with Ken. She seems nice so far.
- Finn and Rachel's glee signs. (Co-star with Rachel Berry and pretty much everything about Finn's poster. LOL)
- Kurt and Mercedes' faces when Rachel was trying to sell them on her original foil Sunshine plan.
- Pretty much all of it. :)

Did anyone else notice that the show seemed to be lit a little darker or was that just my wonky eyes?

I'm excited for next week's ep. Will probably post tomorrow or Friday about OTH and LU because, again, there was so 'huh?' moments in both shows. I love that almost everything is back, though! Hurry up, Friday!



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Sep. 23rd, 2010 01:17 am (UTC)
I really like Sam. NGL, I've been calling him Finn 2.0. Rachel has been pissing me off more and more. She is so annoying. I shipped Rachel and Finn last season but now I want them to break up and stay that way.
Sep. 23rd, 2010 02:10 am (UTC)
I like Sam too. He seems like a nice guy and I really like his voice. Hopefully they can get him to be in ND because they're down a guy since Matt 'transferred'. He does seem kind of like a Finn 2.0.

IDEK what to say about Rachel. :/ Before, even when she was at her most annoying I could be like, "oh, but at least she's a sweet person". Well... Because it's one thing to be very driven and ambitious but it's a completely different thing to knowingly put someone in danger. Hopefully she'll redeem herself.
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